FALL 2020 - Locating Your Updated Instruction Mode

To locate the instruction mode of the classes you are currently enrolled in you will want to start by clicking on the Enrollment Tile. 

Enrollment tile in mynevada with a calendar icon

Next, ensure you have View My Classes selected from the left-hand side menu options, and that Fall 2020 term is showing in the top left-hand corner. You will then click on the class offering to open up the specific details of the class. 

MyNEVADA view my classes tab with 2020 Fall term showing and ENG 101 course details listed

After you have clicked on the class you would like to view, you will be provided with the Class Details. Included in the class details is the instruction mode. 

Class Information in MyNEVADA for ENG 101

Fall 2020 instruction modes and what they mean:

·         AR - Alternative Remote: Course originally scheduled to be delivered in-person, but moved to entirely online due to social distancing and capacity limitations. These courses will not include the $34 per credit online fee.

·         AH - Alternative HyFlex: Course originally scheduled to be delivered in-person, but will have attendance adjustments so students will alternate in-person and remote participation.  Students will receive communication directly from their instructors with specifics.  Fully remotely participation by students can be accommodated for those with extenuating circumstances. 

·         AP - Alternative In-Person: Course conducted with in-person instruction required, but with alternating attendance.  Some portion of instruction delivered online. Fully remote participation by students cannot be accommodated. 

For more information, please continue to monitor the Coronavirus website and your MyNevada account. If you need additional assistance you can make an appointment using our Virtual Front Counter by navigating to https://www.unr.edu/qless


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