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Quick Start Guide for New Workers at CSE and ASUN



Hello, welcome to your new job at ASUN/CSE. This document serves has a quick start guide to the various tools we use here for work and productivity. If you have any questions, please view the requesting help section for contact information.

Requesting Help

First and foremost, if you need help from the technology department, please visit this link and fill out the form. These forms will be routed to our department and be worked on in the order they are received. If you have a quick question, you can email

Accessing Your Employee Email

As an employee of the University of Nevada, Reno, you have access to a specific work email that is an Office365 account. This Office365 account also has access to multiple applications that are used for work. Generally, your employee email is and the password should be the same as your Canvas login. The main visual difference between your work email and student email is the absence of the ‘nevada’ in the work email.

Note: When currently on shift, please refrain from using personal or school emails for signing up for services. Work needs to be primarily conducted while using your work email. 

Microsoft Office 365 Applications

Office365 is a suite of productivity tools created by Microsoft. Being a student worker gives you a free license. You can use the online version of the applications, install the desktop versions, and/or install the mobile versions on your mobile devices. To access the online version (and to start the installation), visit and sign-in with your work email account. 

To install the desktop version of the Office applications, follow these steps:

  1.  Visit Portal.Office.Com
  2. In the upper-right of the screen, click on the 'Install Office’ button and choose the first option. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Microsoft Teams

A coordination and chatting hub, similar to a group chat but with more work efficiency goals in mind. It has easy information sharing, as well as increased privacy

Microsoft Outlook


This will be your new email box, like Gmail or Yahoo, and is where you should be emailing and receiving emails from coworkers.


This is optional and will depend on your group/department’s organizational strategy, but if you want to ensure that you know when your coworkers will be available it is an excellent tool. Outlook is an effective tool to create schedules.

Microsoft Word

A standard word processor that is similar to Google Docs.

Microsoft PowerPoint

A standard presentation software, allowing for quick presentation construction and sharing, as well as some more advanced tools like in slideshow animations. Necessary for conference meetings and other group briefings.

Email Alias

Student employees have the option of adding an alias to their primary work email. Aliases are not a new account and are meant to organize communication and to help others find a specific person.
For example, the president of ASUN has the alias of but their primary work email is Emails sent to either email will show up in one inbox, being his primary email. The president now has the option of giving out his alias email to others and presents a more formal look.
To access the alias, you need to login to your primary work account. There is no logging into the alias account.
This is not a requirement for every student worker but the option exists.

Shared Mailbox

Your department may have a shared mailbox, ask your director if your department has a shared mailbox. A shared mailbox is a mailbox that allows access for multiple users to a central mailbox that can be used mainly for collaboration purposes.
A benefit for a shared mailbox through Office365 is that there is no password and access is granted by added permissions to your main work account. Also, if employees leave, their Office365 account will be deleted and they won’t have access to the shared mailbox anymore.
To open another mailbox on the web version of Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Portal.Office.Com sign-in, and click on the Outlook Icon on the right of the screen.
  2. Once your mailbox opens, click on your profile icon in the upper-right.
  3. Choose 'open another mailbox'
  4. A pop-up will show, Type in the name of the shared mailbox and click 'open' Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

List Serves

ListServes are mailing lists that you will get placed into depending on your role. No action is required on your part to join. Your supervisor will know which one to place you in. You will start to receive emails from that List Servers while you’re employed.
If you are no longer employed and are still receiving these emails by mistake or feel like you’re missing from a ListServe, please email us at:

Prox Access

Prox Card access is added to your Wolf Card and will allow you to enter into the Center for Student Engagement outside the normal hours of operation. For questions regarding your prox card access, please talk to Central Station.


In order to use Adobe products, you will need to use one of the desktop workstations in the department (PC or iMac) If Adobe prompts for a login, the easiest solution will be to login using Google and use your student Gmail account to complete the login process.
If you already have a personal Adobe ID, you can login with that account if you prefer.
Please note that student employees cannot receive an Adobe Creative Cloud license on their personal laptops.
If you find one of the computers does not have Adobe products installed, please reach out to us.



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