Faculty & Staff Access


There are multiple ways Faculty and Staff members may be granted access to MyNEVADA tasks such as viewing their class roster. 

FERPA Training

All Faculty and Staff who need access to MyNEVADA  are required to complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) training. Training can be completed in the following ways:

  1. The easiest way is to go to WebCampus and select the "FERPA/Curriculog Training" course from your dashboard. Review the FERPA PowerPoint and take the associated quiz. An 80% or higher is required and you may attempt the quiz up to three times. Those unable to pass by the third attempt are required to attend an in person training. If you do not see the "FERPA/Curriculog Training" course in your WebCampus dashboard, please email your first and last name as well as Net Id to pstraining@unr.edu. FERPA is recorded in MyNEVADA 48 hours upon completion in Webcampus.
  2. In-person FERPA training sessions generally occur during the first few weeks of each semester. If your department would like to schedule a department specific training you may contact the MyNEVADA training team at pstraining@unr.edu.
Instructor Access

The instructor role gives access to view your Class Schedule and Class Rosters. It also allows you to email some or all of the students in your class. At the end of the semester, final grades must be posted for students in MyNEVADA. 

Instructor security is generated automatically overnight for anyone who has been assigned as an instructor to a class and who has also completed FERPA training. If you find that you have not been assigned to the class for which you believe you should be teaching, please contact the appropriate Department Scheduler.

Advisor Access

The advisor role gives access to look up student data required for academic advising. This includes, but is not limited to, student contact information, class schedules, service indicators, test scores and transfer credit. Some advisors are also granted access to release advising holds.

Advisor security is generated through the submission of an approved Security Application. Newly hired Academic Advisors should work with their department administrators in order to ensure the appropriate Security Application is submitted. Advisors must complete FERPA training in order to gain access to MyNEVADA as well. 

All Other Access

We have many other roles and access needs on our campus. Any security roles not mentioned above requires a Security Application. Additional roles include: Department Scheduler, Student Employee Manager, and Class Permissions. Likewise, FERPA training is required to gain access. 

If you have any questions about additional access you may contact the MyNEVADA training team at pstraining@unr.edu.



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