MyNEVADA for Faculty and Staff


September 2022 - MyNEVADA Update 

A few small changes to the look and feel of MyNEVADA are outlined below: 

  1. Homepage Selector
  2. Global Search Bar 
  3. Quick Access Bar 
  4. Homepage Navigator
    1. Alphabetical Order vs. Standard 

Homepage Selector 

If you have more than one homepage in MyNEVADA, to toggle between the homepages you will use the homepage selector on the left hand side of the page: 

Homepage Selector drop down menu  in MyNEVADA, with Campus Solutions administrator and Alumni Homepage as drop down menu options

Global Search Bar 

There is now a global search bar at the top of the homepage. Here you can search for items you will have access to. If you do not have access to an item you have searched for, you will be directed to the "no results returned page". 

There are two different search options: 

1. Search in Menu - this searches existing navigation pages that you have in your Menu. 

2. Search All Content - this searches all content within the PeopleSoft system. 


Search in Menu: 

Global Search Bar in MyNEVADA


Search All Content: 

Search bar in MyNEVADA with Search in All Content selected

If you do not have access, or nothing matched your search, you will be provided the below page: 

"No results returned" error message in MyNEVADA

Quick Access Bar

There is now a quick access bar on the left-hand side of the homepage. You can use this to access your recently visited pages, and view or edit any favorites you may have. 

Quick Access bar in MyNEVADA with text regarding viewing your recently visited pages and viewing or editing your favorites

Navigation Bar 

The sort order for the Navigation Bar can now be updated. The two options for the navigation menu are standard (current) or alphabetical. You can edit the selection to meet your needs. 

First- click on the Navigation Icon in the top right-hand corner. Next, click on the settings wheel: 

Navigator Page in MyNEVADA with a red box around the Navigator icon and the Settings Icon

Next, select the sort order to wish to change to and click save.  

Menu Order page in MyNEVADA, with Alphabetical and Standard listed

Homepage Selector for Faculty and Staff 

MyNEVADA contains different roles and associated homepages with varying security permissions for faculty and staff users. These roles can be selected from the drop-down menu in the MyNEVADA navigation bar (see screenshot below). These roles include the following:

  • Instructor
  • Advisor
  • Campus Solutions Administrator

If you do not have security permissions to a specific role and homepage it will not appear in the drop-down menu as an option.

MyNevada Instructor Homepage role drop-down menu with different Homepage options


How to Move Between Roles and Homepages 

To move between roles and homepages, use the drop-down menu from the navigation bar on any homepage and click on the role and homepage you would like to view. After selecting your option, click the "Home" icon/link in your navigation bar.

MyNEVADA Navigation Banner for Faculty and Staff

The MyNEVADA navigation banner offers multiple options to users. For desktop users, it can be found on the top-right hand corner of your MyNEVADA screen. Learn about each of the navigation icons below.


MyNEVADA Home Icon
Home icon
The home icon returns you to your primary MyNEVFADA homepage from any navigation.

MyNevada Actions List Icon
Actions List icon

The actions list icon allows you to select from additional options, including "My Preferences," "Help" and "Sign Out." You can use these options to personalize your homepage(s), edit and review your personal preferences or sign out of MyNEVADA.

MyNevada Navigation Icon
Navigation icon

The navigation icon toggles your recently visited sections, your "My Favorites" section and the MyNEVADA menu bar.

Using the Navigation Bar in MyNEVADA

Clicking the Navigation icon on your MyNEVADA homepage will toggle the navigation bar and additional options.

MyNevada recent places navigation icon link with a blue calendar image with three dots an analog clock and "Recent Places" under the calendar and clock
Recent places icon

Click the "Recent Places" icon/link to access a list of your recently visited places in MyNEVADA.

MyNevada My Favorites navigation icon and link: A gray backgound with the image of a yellow star and the words "My Favorites" underneath
My Favorites icon

Click the "My Favorites" icon/link to view any pages you've added to your favorites section. If you were a previous user of MyNEVADA, all of your favorite pages will carry over into the new system. If you are a new user, you can add pages to "My Favorites" by clicking the "Actions Link" from any page and clicking on "Add to Favorites."

MyNevada Navigator icon: An icon of a blue piece of paper with four white lines on it and the words "Navigator" underneath the paper icon
Menu icon

The Menu icon/link allows you to move between pages in MyNEVADA that do not exist as a tile on your homepage.

How to Personalize your Homepage in MyNEVADA

As an instructor, you may have more than one homepage. If you would like to add navigation tiles to your homepage or change the order of the tiles on your homepage, follow the instructions below.

How to Add Navigation Tiles to your Homepage
  1. Use the "Navigator" icon/link to locate the page you want to add to your homepage.
  2. Click the "Actions List" icon/link and click "Add to Homepage."
  3. If you have more than one homepage, a menu will appear allowing you to select which page you would like add the tile.

After selecting the homepage where you want to add the tile, the tile should appear.

How to Change the Order of Navigation Tiles on your Homepage
  1. From any homepage, click the "Actions List" icon/button and then click on "Personalize Homepage."
  2. On the menu, you can re-order the navigation tile position by clicking on each tile and dragging it dropping it into the position on the homepage you prefer.
  3. After setting the position order, click the green "Save" button/link.
  4. After saving, you will be returned to your homepage. Click the "Home" icon/link on the navigation banner to refresh your homepage preference selections.



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