Office of Information Technology

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Categories (11)

Onboarding Checklist

Use these forms to request access to IT resources for new employees that are not affiliated with the School of Medicine. For School of Medicine requests, please use the Med Employee Onboarding form:

Login IDs and Passwords

Request a service for a user account at the University.

Computers and Devices

Service requests for computers, devices, printers, and servers.

Software and Online Applications

Desktop software, enterprise applications, and online applications delivered through a web browser.

Email, Phone, and Communications

Email, Phone, Cell Phones, Mailing Lists, and Instant Messaging.

Website Options

OIT supported websites, including self-hosted department websites, blogs, and WolfWeb.

Data Storage

Cloud, on premise, and database storage.

Network and Internet

Wired, Wireless, Residence Hall, and VPN access


Report vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

AudioVisual and Classroom (UNR Med)

Classroom and Audio/Visual support for UNR Med

Electronic Medical Records (UNR Med)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) support for UNR Med.

Services (3)

Request Help with your Office Computer

Use this form to request help with an issue on your office computer.

Report an Incident

If something appears broken or problematic, please report an incident.

Med Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Request access to multiple IT resources for new School of Medicine employees, or expedite the removal of access for terminating employees. Please use the "Onboarding Checklist" category for all other onboarding requests.