Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade

As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 was deemed ‘End of Life’ by Microsoft and is no longer supported. In order to protect institutional assets and remain in compliance with the University's ISPP Baseline Build policy, all computers currently running Windows 7 must be upgraded to Windows 10.

How will my Windows experience be affected?

The look and feel of Windows 10 compared to Windows 7 does differ but the functionality of individual programs (such as Excel or Word) remain the same. Microsoft's website can provide more information about additional Windows 10 features.

How do I upgrade my computer?

The Windows 10 upgrade has been made available to all Windows 7 computers on campus. To upgrade your computer please refer to our self-help installation instructions.

Do I need to do anything prior to or during the upgrade?

There are no backups or special saves required prior to the Windows 10 upgrade. 

How long will the upgrade take?

Each upgrade should take approximately 2 hours. 

What can I do if my computer has a specific purpose that requires it to remain on Windows 7?

Microsoft has Windows 7 Extended Support available for a limited time for an additional charge. You must submit a Windows 7 Extended Support Application form to OIT. Extended Support will only be approved for essential business needs, and your department will be charged for the cost.

If you have critical business systems that are only compatible with Windows 7, start planning now – they must be upgraded to Windows 10 or be disconnected from the campus network on or before December 31, 2022.


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