Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade Instructions

Things to Know Before your Upgrade

  • You will receive an email with a ticket number to track your Windows 7 to 10 progress. If you have any issues during or after the upgrade you may respond to the email for assistance.
  • Your applications and data will remain on the computer.
  • Prior to the upgrade, save and close all open applications.
  • OIT recommends running the upgrade at the end of the day or prior to leaving to minimize downtime.
  • DO NOT turn off the computer during the upgrade.

Upgrading to Windows 10 via the Software Center

  1.  Click on the Start Menu then select the All Programs button near the bottom. Look for the Microsoft System Center folder. From the Microsoft System Center folder, click on Software Center

    Screenshot of the Windows 10 Start Menu with a red box around the Microsoft System Center, a red box around the Software Center option, and a red arrow pointing towards the Software Center.
  2. Select the Operating Systems tab on the left hand side and click on the Windows 10 Upgrade button to begin the upgrade.
    • Your computer may need a restart for the upgrade to show in the Software Center.

      Software Center window with the Operating Systems tab highlighted by a red box and the Upgrade to Win 10 1803 highlighted with a red box and a red arrow pointing to it.
  3. Select the Install button on the next page to begin the upgrade.

    The Windows 10 Upgrade window with a red box and arrow highlighting the Install button.
  4. The upgrade, on average, takes about two hours to complete and the computer will restart several times during the process.
  5. Once the upgrade is completed, the computer will be at the login screen with a nature picture background.

    Screenshot of the Windows 10 login screen.
    • If the upgrade fails, the computer will revert back to the state prior to initializing the upgrade. In this case, please respond to the ticket with any error messages and an IT tech will schedule a time to assist.

For more information about the Windows 7 to 10 upgrade project please visit our FAQ page. 

For further help or any issues after the upgrade please contact the OIT Support Center


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