Connecting to the MIKC Computer Lab - Mac OS

*IMPORTANT* This service will be discontinued on Friday, May 21, 2021 so these computers can be returned to full operations campus use.


Before continuing with these instructions, please make sure that your computer has all the latest updates.



  1. Select the button below to navigate to the Knowledge Center Remote Computer Lab.
    Remote Computer Lab
  2. Select a computer a click the Connect button.
    Remote Access Machine page with a red circle highlighting the Connect button.
  3. Select the Download button.
    Connection dialog box with the Download button highlighted by a red circle.
  4. If prompted to Open or Save the file, click Save File, and and choose a save location and take note of its location as you will need to reference it later.
    • If not prompted, locate the file wherever downloads are saved (likely the Downloads folder), and take note of its location.
      Download Dialog box with the radio button Save File and the OK button highlighted by red circles
  5. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop from your Applications folder within Finder (or from within Launchpad, if the grey spaceship icon is in the dock at the bottom of the screen). If you do not have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed, it can be downloaded from the Mac App Store
    Applications folder with a red circle highlighting the Microsoft Remote Desktop App
  6. Once the application launches, click Microsoft Remote Desktop in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and in the resulting menu that drops down, click Preferences.
    The Microsoft Remote Desktop Drop down menu is selected with the Preferences button highlighted by a red circle
  7. In the window that has popped up, click the User Accounts tab, then the + at the bottom left to add a new account.
    Preferences window with the User accounts and + button highlighted by red circles.
  8. Enter the username as UNR\NetID and your NetID password in the password field, then click Add. Close the preferences window by clicking the red button at the top left.
    Add a User Account popup with the username filled in the form UNR\NetID and the password filled in with the Add button highlighted by a red circle.
  9. Click the gear icon at the top left of the Microsoft Remote Desktop window, and in the resulting menu, click Import from RDP file.
    Gear Icon selected with the Import from RDP file... option highlighted by a red circle
  10. Navigate to where you saved the file downloaded in Step 4. Click on it, then click Import.
    Import window with the file download from step 4 highlighted and a red circle around the Import button
  11. A new connection option to the computer will appear to at which point select the pencil icon.
    Computer connection button with a red circle highlighting a pencil icon on the top right corner
  12. Click the User account menu.
    The edit PC window with the user account dropdown menu selected and highlighted by a red circle
  13. Select your user account that was created in Step 8, then select Save.
    User account drop down menu with the UNR\NetID option that was indicated in step 8 selected and red circle highlighting the Save button
  14. Double click the grey rectangle with the computer icon (pictured as blue screen below) to start the remote connection.
    The Microsoft Remote Desktop window with the computer connection highlighted by a red circle
  15. If a popup appears warning that the certificate of the remote connection can’t be identified, click the Continue button.
    Certification popup with the Continue button highlighted by a red circle
  16. The remote desktop will appear in a new window, and you are now connected.
    Image of the connected computers desktop
  17. When you are finished, to close your session, select the Windows Icon  then the User Icon, and lastly the Sign out button. 
    Windows Start Menu with the User icon selected (person outline with a grey background) selected and the Sign out option highlighted by a red circle
If you have any issues connecting to the remote computer lab please contact the OIT Support Center.


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