Google Workspace for Education Active Non-Affiliated ( Email Migration FAQ's

Starting in 2014 students that attended the University of Nevada, Reno were provided with the ability to use a university provided email ( at no cost to them after leaving the university. Google Workspace for Education (GWE) offered the service to educational institutions at no cost. However, Google has changed their terms and conditions of usage and as such the university is currently paying for this service. With the current financial challenges the university is facing, continuing to offer this service to ever increasing number of past students is not supportable. Also, offering this service compels the university to manage this environment so that cybersecurity threats are minimized, contained, and mitigated. This itself commits the university to undue risk and further expense.

Active affiliation is defined as currently being a student, employee, or an approved position at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).

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