Access Your Email in Mozilla Thunderbird


The following instructions will assist you in adding your email address into Mozilla Thunderbird.

Please Note: Thunderbird has been approved for both Linux users and as an alternative email platform. However, please be aware that Thunderbird uses an yearly paid extension called Owl for Exchange that is ensures Thunderbird is compatible with Microsoft modern authentication methodologies. The add-on comes with a 1 month free trial but will need to be purchased individually once the trial has expired. For information on licensing costs and installation options please see

Accessing Your Employee Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Open thunderbird and click the three dashes settings button on the upper left hand side then select Add Ons and Themes.
  2. Search Owl for Exchange and select + Add to Thunderbird.
  3. On the extension permission popup select Add.
  4. Move back to the Add-ons Manager tab and select Extensions
  5. Click on the wrench icon next the Owl for Exchange extension.
  6. Under the Mail account management select Add new account manually…
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Your name: Enter your name as you would like it displayed
    • Your email address: Enter your UNR employee email address (
    • Your username: Enter your NetID in the for of (this may be the same as your employee email address)
    • Your password: NetID Password
    • Protocol: Outlook Web Access
    • Login Method: Open login web page
    • Webmail Page:


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