Software Deployment Testing


All new or upgraded software applications managed by University of Nevada OIT are tested thoroughly before final deployment. Specific department software is not included and may have a different testing and deployment procedure.

  1. New software/updates are downloaded by technical leads (network security, Configuration Manager leads, server admins, etc.) and made available to all IT staff for internal testing. IT staff test the software against systems and apps they manage or are responsible for, and test it from their customer's perspective.
  2. Once cleared by IT staff, the software/update is announced and deployed to an official testing team (UTC, Librarians, other key players) with a timeline to submit feedback and change requests. Feedback is collected and any necessary changes are made and tested again by IT staff and/or an official testing team to be sure the changes are successful.
  3. The new software is announced to campus (if required) and deployed preferably during the standard maintenance windows. If any reported issues can't be resolved but do not outweigh the benefits of deployment (i.e. layout vs security), the issues and any available workarounds will be included in the announcement.



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