Telephone Services Policy



University of Nevada, Reno employees who are part of the campus telephone system may not order additional outside phone services. These could include alternate long-distance providers, non-UNR voice mail boxes, or other special calling services. Most services and rate plans are included within the University phone system.


Most features that users are seeking are already available on the University's integrated telephone system and through the campus email systems. If you order services outside of these systems, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will not be able to reconcile billing and accounting. In addition, outside services may impact the overall quality of service for all users on campus.


Ordering any necessary special calling services from an outside vendor may only be done through the Unified Communications department.  If additional or outside services are required, please contact Unified Communications by opening a workorder through the University Support Center or email  A system design specialist will be in contact with the designated departmental representative.



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