Adding a Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Method - Phone/Text


Instructions on how to add the Phone or Office Phone methods of authenticating.


The following article details how to add the Phone or Office Phone methods of authenticating.

  1. In a web browser navigate to
  2. Log in with your NetID in the form of and NetID password.
  3. Upon logging in you will be prompted for more information select Next.
    More information required screen
  4. On the following page in the "How should we contact you?" drop down select Authentication Phone or Office Phone.
  5. If you select Authentication phone you will have the option to receive a verification code via text message (SMS) or approve your request via a phone call. Selecting Office Phone does not have a text message option and only allows for the Call me verification.
    Warning - If your university desk telephone has been converted to a Microsoft Teams phone that requires that you log in to said phone using your NetID, you should not use this phone number as an authentication option.

    Authentication Phone option highlighted showing the text message and call me options
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the verification code if receiving a text or verify the call made to the phone.
  8. For employees or students who have not set up a self password reset method you may be prompted on the next page to verify a secondary contact method. Select Verify next to your self password reset phone number. If you do not see this page skip to Step 12.
    verify self password resets options page with the Verify link next to the phone method highlighted by a red box
  9. Choose text me to receive a verification code via text or call me to confirm via a phone call.  
  10. The Authentication Phone should now have a green check mark next to it.
    Note: You can also add an Email backup but only one self password method is required to continue.
    Authentication Phone showing a green check mark next to it, the Verify link has also updated to Change
  11. Select finish
  12. You will now be able to log into your Microsoft 365 web portal.


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