NetID Authentication Page Migration


In accordance with the our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity the University of Nevada, Reno is undergoing a migration of the NetID login page for many online applications associated with the university.

The university currently has 141 applications utilizing central SAML IpD authentication, 402 eduGAIN Service Providers with Research & Scholarship (R&S) and 7,932 InCommon Federated Service Providers. For a full list of all these applications please refer to the following links:

Currently, the login page to these applications routes to a SAML authentication page which looks similar to the following:

Current NetID Login Page

NetID logins for these applications will now be moving over to Microsoft Authentication page, which is also used by employees and students to access their email. The login page for these applications will appear as such:

University Microsoft Authentication Page

Individuals should look for the University of Nevada, Reno logo above the Sign In info and the photo of campus in the background to know they are on a University authenticated login page.

Employees and students should login to these services with their username in the form of with their NetID password.

Upon logging in you may be prompted for MFA authentication; for more information on how to set up or change your MFA method please see our Microsoft 365 Multi-Factor Authentication articles.



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