Updating your Personal Information

Using the Personal Information Tile 

If you would like to make changes to your Personal Information, you will need to first click on the Personal Information tile. 

Person information icon; person wearing a blue shirt, with a pencil in the bottom right hand corner

Personal and Biographic Details 

Using the personal details menu option you can view the following details: 

  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Name
  • Gender Identity 
  • Sexual Orientation 
  • Pronouns

To update your primary name, date of birth, or sex you will need to fill out the Change of Personal Identification Data form on our forms page. 

Follow the instructions below to update the other personal and biographic details: 


All students have a Primary name in MyNEVADA which we pull from your application. You can add a preferred name and degree name in MyNEVADA. To add a preferred or degree name, click the + button under the names section. This will open the Add Name screen: 

Add Name option in MyNEVADA with Preferred name selected


Once you have your preferred name the way you like, you can click Save. If you would like to add a degree name, you can follow the same steps as above. 

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Pronouns 

Each NSHE institution shall collect sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation information as required by Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 239B (as amended by SB 109, Chapter 489, Statutes of Nevada 2021). Institutions shall use the following format to collect such data whenever race and ethnicity data are collected, including on all written and online applications for admission and employment.

The Nevada System of Higher Education collects information on gender identity and sexual orientation as required by NRS 239B for aggregated reporting purposes. In addition, pronouns are collected to better serve our students and employees. These lists are not inclusive of all identities yet will allow for increased demographic data for NSHE and the State of Nevada. According to NRS 233.010, sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are protected classes in the State of Nevada.

To update your gender identity, sexual orientation, or pronouns use the Biographic tab on the Personal Details page. Once you have the value selected, click Save. Below is a list of values for each field.  

Gender Identity
Gender Identity drop down menu values in MyNEVADA
Sexual Orientation 

Sexual Orientation drop down menu items in MyNEVADA


Pronoun drop down menu options in MyNEVADA

Contact Details 


Under the Contact Details menu option on the left-hand side you can update your email addresses and phone numbers. There are three different types of email addresses you can have on file:

Business - This email type is only for users who have an @unr.edu email address. 

Campus - This email type is for students with an @nevada.unr.edu email address. 

Home - This email type is for domains such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com. This is the only email type you can edit. 

Please note: Student's can only have one preferred email address on file at a time.

To change which email address you would like to be your preferred, click the email type and check the Preferred check box under the email. 


Edit email selection in MyNEVADA, includes the email type, email address, and the preferred selection.


If your phone number is outdated, you may not receive important notifications from the university. Review the contact numbers that are on file and click the grey "+" sign to add addtional numbers. MyNEVADA will open a pop up window for you to type a phone number. Enter the required fields, and make sure to check the "Preferred" box on the bottom if you'd like the number listed as primary contact information. Remember to click [Save] when you're finished editing. You can only have one number selected as your preferred. 

MyNEVADA Add Phone pop up window


If your address is outdated, you may not receive important notifications from the university. You may add multiple addresses if you have a home address and a separate mailing address. Review the addresses that are on file and click the grey "+" sign to add addtional addresses. MyNEVADA will open a pop up window for you to enter the information. Enter the required fields, and remember to click [Save] when you're finished editing. You can only have one home and mailing address on file at a time. To update the home or mailing address you can either click the grey "+" button, or the address selection itself to change the information on file. 

MyNEVADA add address pop up windwo

Emergency Contact

You may modify the listed individuals whom the University will contact in the event of the emergency. To update your emergency contacts, select the contact you would like to update. Required fields for an emergency contact are name, relationship, phone number and address. To add an additional contact than the ones listed - click the grey "+" button. You can only have one emergency contact listed as your preferred contact. 

MyNEVADA add contact window


Third Party Release 

The University does not allow access to, or the release of, education records or other personally identifiable information without the express consent of the student. In order for third parties (parent, spouse, etc.) to do certain transactions on your behalf, or inquire about your account, you must list each individual and identify what type of access they should have to your records. You may add or remove access at any time. Please not that it your responsibility to make sure that only those people you want to have access to your data are listed. 

To add a Third Party, first click on Third Party Release from the left menu navigation. Next, click the yellow "ADD Third Party Release" button. 

You will enter the name and phone number for the person you are designating. You will also enter a pass phrase, which can be numeric, a word, or a sentence. The Third Party must give the selected office the appropriate pass phrase before data can be released. To allow more than one office to release information to a specific person slick the + on the right. Once you have entered the required information and have assigned the offices for the Third Party, click Save. 

MyNEVADA Third Party Release Details window

To view or edit the details of the Third Parties that are currently listed, click the yellow "View/Edit Details" button next to the Third Party you would like to review. Here you can add or remove offices under a specific contact, or inactivate the contact entirely. 

MyNEVADA Third Party Release Details window

FERPA - Privacy Restrictions 

Under the regulations defined by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, you have chosen to restrict the following information from release.

To change your current FERPA disclosure setting, click on Privacy Restrictions menu option on the left hand side menu from your Personal Information tile. 

Privacy Restrictions menu option in MyNEVADA

Next, click on the Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions button at the bottom of the page.

Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions button in MyNEVADA; button is orange in color

To change your selection, click on the disclosure selection you would like to update to and hit Save to confirm. 

FERPA disclosure selection options in MyNEVADA with red box around the Save button at the bottom of the page

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