Viewing your 1098-T

To view your 1098-T online you must have elected to receive electronic statements. 

To locate your 1098-T, click on your Finances tile: 

Finances tile in MyNEVADA from the Student Homepage

Next, click on the View/Consent 1098-T navigation from the left hand side menu options: 

View/Consent 1098-T navigation menu option in MyNEVADA

This will take you to your 1098-T Dashboard: 

View 1098-T dashboard in MyNEVADA. List of 1098-T printed for student

Select the Tax Year hyperlink to view the 1098-T Tuition Statement: 

1098-T report selection with red box around all years Tax Year

To view the details, select the Box Amount Tab.  View the details by selecting the hyperlink on the Amount field:

1098-T report selection with 1098-T tax years listed, red box around Box Amount and the Amount Billed and Prior Year adjustments sections for 2014

1.  If you use a pop-up blocker, you will have to disable it to display your 1098-T.
2.  If there is no hyperlink for the amounts, detail information is not available.  Please contact your Bursar's office should you need more information (775-784-6915). 

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