Using the MyNevada Student Homepage


MyNEVADA uses navigation tiles that allow you to manage your tasks as a student, ranging from enrolling in classes to making payments. You can return to your Student Homepage at any time by clicking the "Home" icon/link in your navigation banner.

The Office of Information and Technology (OIT) maintains instructions for clearing your browser on desktop devices.

For mobile devices, you also need to clear the cache. Below are reference instructions from Apple and Google to clear your cache on their mobile products.

MyNevada Homepage Selector for Students

As a student, you may have different roles on campus and MyNEVADA allows for each role to have a unique Homepage. These roles can be selected from the drop-down menu in the MyNEVADA navigation bar. Depending on your access, you have the ability to toggle between your different Homepages using this drop-down menu.

Do not be alarmed if you only see one Homepage. This means you only have one role on campus and one corresponding Homepage in MyNEVADA.

Screenshot: MyNevada Student Homepage role drop-down menu with different Homepage options

Your Student Homepage Tiles Explained

The MyNEVADA Student Homepage includes a grid of topic-based navigation tiles and associated icons. The standard grid is a 3x3 with three rows of options, including "Enrollment," "Finances," "Tasks," "Personal Information" and more. 

Screenshot: MyNevada Student Homepage navigation tiles aligned in three rows with three navigation tiles in each row. In row one, navigation tiles include "Enrollment," "Finances," "Financial Aid" and "Tasks." In row two, navigation tiles inlcude "Academic Records" and "Personal Information." In row three, "Student Center - Classic," "Academic Progress" and "Schedule Planner." Clicking on each navigation tile opens a new menu of options under that topic in MyNevada.


MyNevada enrollment icon with a blue calendar icon and a person avatar wearing a mortar board next to the calendar

The enrollment tile option allows you add, drop swap and edit your course credits. In the enrollment section, you may also complete tasks such as the following:

  • View class schedules
  • Review wait-list positions
  • Search for classes
  • Access "Your Planner"
  • View enrollment appointments


"MyNevada finances tile icon that has a green dollar icon with gold coin icons on it"

The finance tile option allows you to complete all of your payment and account management tasks, ranging from viewing account balances to enrolling in direct deposit. In the finances section, you may also complete tasks such as the following:

  • Make payments
  • Review your outstanding charges
  • See your payment history
  • Enroll in payment plans
  • Update your 1098-T tax document consent
  • Purchase miscellaneous items

Financial Aid 

MyNevada financial aid tile icon with a persona avatar wearing a mortarboard in front of a green dollar icon

The financial aid tile allows you to review and manage all of your financial aid-related tasks, such as accepting or declining financial aid awards and reviewing your cost of attendance. Through the financial aid tile, you may also do the following:

  • View your need summary
  • Review your estimated family contribution
  • View a college financing plan
  • Review shopping sheets


MyNevada tasks icon with a green circle and a white checkmark in the middle of the green circle

The tasks tile provides access to a variety of options within MyNevada, such as reviewing any holds on your accounts. Other options in the tasks section include the following:

  • Check your To-Do list
  • Review messages in the Communication Center
  • Access supplemental forms

Academic Records 

MyNevada academic records icon with a paper icon with green lines and checkmarks, a pencil icon in front of the paper and a small mortarboard in the corner of the paper icon

The academic records tile allows you to review all of your academic information, such as test scores and apply for graduation. Through academic records, you may also see and review the following:

  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Transfer credit reports
  • Final grades
  • Course history

Personal Information 

MyNevada personal information icon with a person avatar with a blue shirt, nondescript yellow face and a pencil icon on top of the person avatar

The personal information tile allows you to review, edit and update everything from your contact details to your address. In the personal information section, you may also change items such as the following:

  • Email address and phone numbers
  • Name
  • Emergency contacts
  • Demographic information
  • Privacy restrictions
  • Third-party release
  • Ethnicity

Student Center Classic 

MyNevada Student Center - Class icon with a calendar icon with to-do lines and a pencil to the right of the calendar

The Student Center - Classic tile will provide access to the Classic Student Center where you can access all of your student information in the Classic format.

Academic Progress 

MyNevada academic progress tile with a clipboard icon with gray lines on it, a green checkmark and pencil icon to the right

The academic progress tile provides access to your academic advising report where you can see and compare courses you have completed with the outstanding classes you need to complete to meet your degree requirements.

Schedule Planner 

MyNevada schedule planner icon with a blue compass icon and a black mortarboard resting on top of the compass

The schedule planner tile provides access to the "Schedule Planner," which allows you select preferred classes, block-off breaks or personal conflicts. The planner also provides the best possible schedule for immediate registration.

How to Use Your MyNEVADA Navigation Tiles and Banner

When you click on a navigation tile on your Student Homepage, MyNEVADA will open a new display of the primary navigation options available under that tile. You can move through those options without having to return to your Homepage

If you would like to return to your Student Homepage, click on the "Home" icon/link.

MyNEVADA Navigation Banner 

The MyNevada navigation banner offers multiple options to users. For desktop users, it can be found on the top-right hand corner of your MyNevada screen. Learn more about each of the navigation icon options below.

MyNEVADA Home Icon
Home icon
The home icon returns you to your Homepage from any navigation in MyNevada.

MyNevada Search Icon
Search icon

The search icon allows you to search for tasks or other navigation items within MyNevada.

MyNevada Actions List Icon
Actions List icon

The actions icon allows you to select from additional options, includign "My Preferences," "Help" and "Sign Out."

MyNevada Navigation Icon
Navigation icon

The navigation icon toggles your recently visited sections.



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