Applying for Graduation

To apply for graduation, you will first need to log in to MyNEVADA ( 

Next, from your Student Homepage, click on the Academic Records tile. 

Academic Records tile in MyNEVADA

Next, on the left hand side select 'Apply for Graduation'. 

Apply For Graduation link in MyNEVADA

Next, select the Apply for Graduation link to proceed with your application. If the link is not visible you may not be eligible for graduation at this time. Please see your Academic Advisor for more information.

Apply for Graduation page in MyNEVADA. Red box around blue hyperlink for Apply for Graduation

Please note: The process to apply for graduation is the same whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or certificate seeking student. 

The academic program on this page was selected to apply for graduation. If this is not correct, return to the previous page and select a different academic program if you have multiple available. 

Select a valid term to apply for graduation by selecting a value from the drop-down. Only terms in which you are able to apply for graduation will be displayed.

Apply for Graduation term with drop down menu term opened, and Fall 2020 selected

Apply for graduation page in MyNEVADA, select graduation term page

Now that you have your program and term selected, please click Continue. Before you apply for graduation, please confirm that you will meet ALL requirements for your degree by the end of the term for which you are applying. A graduation status of "Eligible" does not mean you have met ALL degree requirements.  If you have any questions about your degree requirements for graduation please meet with your academic advisor,

Once you have read through all instructions, select Continue at the bottom of the page. 

Next, review all information for a final time to make sure the program information is correct, and ensure you have read through all instructions listed on the page. To finalize your application for graduation select 'Submit Application'. 

Submit Application button in MyNEVADA

When your application has been submitted successfully, you will be directed to a page that indicates as much. 

Graduation application submission page


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