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Requesting Workday-related changes

Add a TDX technician, remove a TDX Technician, edit a TDX technician forms for the ES instance ticketing groups.

Add/Remove a TalkDesk user.

Service offerings for UNR Libraries staff.

The Classroom Technology portion of the Office of Digital Learning (formerly Teaching and Learning Technologies or TLT) supports the technology (including but not limited to the podium, PC within the podium, projector, document camera, speakers and microphones where applicable) as well as the care and maintenance of items that have been placed in centrally scheduled classrooms on campus.

For employees and student employees requesting access to secured data and application services such as Microsoft Power BI, Oracle, WolfDocs (OnBase), etc.

** Please note the individual who needs access to the data and/or application services must submit the request. Requesting access for another individual is not permitted and will be denied. **

Requests for Business and Finance related requests

Having issues with Payroll, W2s, on demand payments, etc.? Submit requests here.

Used for services/forms within Student Services.