Locating your Enrollment Appointment in MyNEVADA

Each semester that you are eligible to register for classes, you will be assigned an enrollment appointment. Your appointment is the day and time that you can begin to register in MyNEVADA. 

Enrollment Tile

To locate your enrollment appointment using the Enrollment tile, first navigate to MyNEVADA and click on the Enrollment Tile from your Student Homepage. 

Enrollment tile in MyNEVADA

Next, on the left hand side menu choose Enrollment Appointment. 

Enrollment Appointment menu option in MyNEVADA

Your enrollment appointment page will show you the day and time that you can begin registering in MyNEVADA. For each session within the term you will have a specific appointment. Your appointment has a begin date and an end date, however even after your appointment ends you can still register in MyNEVADA. Ensure you take specific note of the time that your appointment begins. You cannot register in MyNEVADA until the day and time indicated on your Enrollment Appointment page.

Enrollment Appointment Dates in MyNEVADA

Enrollment dates are subject to change, and you may not be notified of any future changes. Enrollment dates are issued based off of standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) therefore, if updated transcripts or AP test scores are submitted which increase a student's standing their Enrollment date will automatically be changed. Please continuously navigate to MyNEVADA and use the Enrollment tile on your Student Homepage to locate your enrollment appointment.

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