Understanding your Class Schedule

Once you have enrolled in classes, you will want to review your class schedule to ensure you are familiar with the class details. 

To begin, log in to MyNEVADA and click on the Enrollment Tile. 

Enrollment tile in MyNEVADA

Next, click on the View My Classes menu option on the left hand side and select the term in which you would like to view your classes for. You will then be directed to your current class schedule. Your classes will show in a list format for you to review. Here you can review the meeting dates, days and times and room information. 

Class schedule information in MyNEVADA

To view more specific information you can click on the class you would like to review. This will allow you to review meeting information, enrollment information, class details and class availability. Below we will review each section and the information shown. 

Meeting Information 

The meeting information page shows you the specific meeting dates, days of the week, times, room and instructor. 

Meeting information for a class in MyNEVADA

PLEASE NOTE: The Status: Waitlist on this page is not an indicator of your current enrollment in the course, but the enrollment status of the class as a whole. To review your enrollment status in a class return to the View My Classes page and review the Status section: 

Enrollment status in MyNEVADA with Enrolled in a red box

If you are waitlisted for a course, you will receive a message indicating as much when you enroll and your status on the View My Classes page will show as Waiting and will include your waitlist position: 

Waitlist message in MyNEVADA  

status of waiting in MyNEVADA with waitlist position

Enrollment Information 

This page provides you with information regarding any requisite requirements needed to register for the course. It will also show you if any notes have been placed on the course section. 

Enrollment information page in MyNEVADA

**see note regarding Status: Waitlist above**

Class Details 

This page will provide you information regarding the units for your course, the grading mode, instruction mode, location and campus. 

Class details in MyNEVADA


**see note regarding Status: Waitlist above**

Class Availability 

This section will show you the current class capacity, enrollment total, available seats, waitlist capacity and waitlist total. 

Class Availability

**see note regarding Status: Waitlist above**

Calendar View 

To view a calendar view of your schedule, you will need to click on the Student Center Classic tile from your Student Homepage. 

Student Center- Classic tile in MyNEVADA

Using the drop down menu under the Academics section, select Class Schedule: 

Class Schedule selected in drop down menu in MyNEVADA

Your schedule will first appear in a list format, to change the setting you will need to select Weekly Calendar View from the top menu options: 

Weekly Calendar View option MyNEVADA

You will then be presented with a calendar view of your classes. Please note: this view will include waitlisted classes: 

Weekly calendar view MyNEVADA


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