Instructor Access to Class Roster

In order to access your class roster you must be assigned to the course as an instructor in MyNEVADA. You must also have completed your FERPA training in Canvas. 

Using the Class Roster 

To view your class roster, log in to MyNEVADA and ensure you are on your Instructor homepage. Next, click on the My Schedule tile. 

*We suggest using the My Schedule icon versus the Class Roster icon the first time you are accessing your class roster to ensure the correct term is selected.*

My Schedule tile in MyNEVADA with calendar in center of tile

If you need to change the term, you can use the Change Term button from your My Schedule page. 

My Schedule page in  MyNEVADA with Change Term button and term information included


You will have access to any past terms/classes you have been assigned as an instructor. 

Once you are on the correct term, you can select the specific class roster you would like to see. To do this, select the Class Roster icon next to the specific course you would like to view. 

Class roster icon in MyNEVADA with ENG 104.1001 (28922) text

Now that you have your class roster pulled up, you can see the individual students who are enrolled. You can do things like view their photo, notify students individually or as a whole and review their program/plan and level (freshman, sophomore, etc.). 

Class Roster Tile 

Now that you have selected a class roster to view, the next time you log in if you'd like to view that same class roster, you can use the Class Roster tile. The Class Roster tile will automatically take you to the last viewed course roster. You can also change the class roster you would like to view from this tile. 

To change the class roster you are viewing from the Class Roster tile, use the Change Class button at the top of the page after you click on the Class Roster tile. 

Class Roster tile in MyNEVADA

Class Roster page in MyNEVADA that includes class information for ENG 104.1001 and Change Class button

The Change Class button will take you back to your My Schedule page where you can then re-select the class roster icon of the course you would like to view. 

Teaching Schedule page in MyNEVADA with ENG 104 and ENG 321 visible

You can use the Class Roster and My Schedule page interchangeably. If you encountering issues accessing a class roster from the Class Roster tile, you can always use the MySchedule tile to reset. 

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