Using the Academic Records Tile

Course History 

You can see a complete list of courses completed by navigating to your Academic Records Tile and selecting the Course History navigation on the left hand side. Transferred college courses and test credits received can be viewed here as well. If you have courses in your Planner, they will appear here. You can use the filter at the top of page to include or exclude certain types of classes. 

MyNEVADA Course History filter pop up window

Requesting Your Unofficial Transcript

You can request and print a copy of your unofficial transcript using the View Unofficial Transcript navigation on the left hand side. If you have never generated an unofficial transcript before in MyNEVADA ensure that you have the report type listed as Unofficial Transcript, and click the green Submit button on the right hand side of the page.

MyNEVADA View Unofficial Transcript with report type of Unofficial Transcript in the drop down   Green Submit button

This will open a PDF version of your transcript. If your PDF does not load, please check your pop up blocker settings in your Internet browser. As the PDF will load in a new window you will want to make sure to allow pop up's from this site.

If you would like to view previous reports that you have generated, you can use the View All Requested Reports tab at the top of the page.

View All Requested Reports tab in MyNEVADA

From this page you can view previous reports and delete generated reports out of the log.

Viewing Your Transfer Credit Report

To view your Transfer Credit Report, select that navigation from the left hand side menu. Information about the courses you have transferred will appear in the report, as well as what courses and units they are equivalent to here at the University of Nevada, Reno.

View Transfer Credit Report in MyNEVADA

Along with Transfer Credit, this page will also show classes that you have been given credit for based on AP, IB and CBE scores (credit by exam). These will show in the Test Credits section of the page.

View Test Credits in MyNEVADA


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