Uploading WebCampus Grades into MyNEVADA

MyNEVADA offers instructors the ability to upload grades from WebCampus. This new feature should make posting final grades in MyNEVADA easier and faster. 

To automatically upload grades from WebCampus, you will need to:

To view the help video on how to upload your grades into MyNEVADA please click here.

See step by step screen shot instructions below on how to complete the grade upload to your final grade roster in MyNEVADA.

Instructors must first authorize in order to upload grades. To do this, navigate to MyNEVADA, sign in and click on the Grade Roster tile from your Instructor Homepage. 

Grade Roster Icon in MyNEVADA

You should now see an authorize to webcampus option on the right hand side within the Grade Roster Action box. 

Grade Roster screen in MyNEVADA

You will then be redirected to the WebCampus log in page. If you are already logged into Webcampus, you will not be prompted to log in. If you are not logged into WebCampus you will be prompted to log in using your NetId.

Screen shot of signing into Webcampus with NetId log in

After you've logged into WebCampus, the MyNevada/Canvas Grade Integration screen will be displayed, click the Authorize button on the right hand side of the screen. 

Screen shot of mynevada/canvas grade integration authorization

Once you have you Authorized you will be redirected to MyNEVADA and an Authorization successful message will be displayed, click OK.

MyNevada screen shot of authorization success

You are now able to upload WebCampus grades into MyNEVADA. To use this new grade upload feature, navigate back to your Grade Roster within MyNEVADA. Choose the roster you wish to post final grades for. Click the load grades from webcampus icon within the Grade Roster Action box.

Grade Roster Page in MyNEVADA

You must have a grading scheme set up in WebCampus for the specific class you are uploading grades for. Once grades have been uploaded they will auto populate onto your grade roster within MyNEVADA. Any F's issued will need to have the Attendance information completed.

Grade Roster page in MyNEVADA with Attendance Drop down menu options

 If the student Partially Attended, the Last Date of Attendance will also need to be entered.

Grade Roster Page in MyNEVADA with Partially Attended selected in drop down attendance menu

If a student added the course late or is listed on the Grade Roster but does not have a grade in WebCampus, you will receive an error message before being able to move the Grade Roster to approved and post. Click OK and go back to manually enter the grades for any that may be missing. If any of the students on the grade roster have changed their grading basis from Letter Grades to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, those grades will not be converted in the upload. You will need to manually select either S or U on the final grade roster, if left blank an error message will be displayed when you attempt to post the roster. If the student has changed their grading basis to Audit, they will automatically be assigned an AD grade. 

MyNEVADA Grad Roster Page with Official Grade and Grading Basis section outlined in red box

Once all grades have been reviewed, from the Grade Roster Action box select Approved from the drop down menu. 

Grade Roster Action drop down menu with Approved, Not Reviewed, and Ready for Review

Once Roster status has been moved to Approved click the Post icon to officially post all grades on the roster. 

MyNEVADA grade roster page, with Post button in a red box

If you experience issues accessing MyNEVADA or your Grade Roster, please contact Admissions and Records 775-784-4700 opt. 2 or email mynevada@unr.edu. 

If you experience issues with preparing your gradebook within WebCampus please contact the Teaching & Learning Technologies office or email webcampus@unr.edu.

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