Trouble Logging in to MyNEVADA

If you are experiencing issues logging in to your MyNEVADA account, please review the information and FAQ's below:

I have three credentials - Which one do I use?

Application Username & Password: This username and password is for your Applicant account. Use this username and password when creating and submitting your application. After you have successfully submitted your application, the Application Username credentials cannot be used to log in to MyNEVADA. 

NSHE ID & Password: Your NSHE ID is a 10-digit number (e.g. 8000123456). All students and applicants should use this number to access MyNEVADA. If you do not yet have a password set up for your NSHE ID, please visit our MyNEVADA Help page on how to Activate your MyNEVADA account.

NetID & Password: The NetID, which must be activated when you first arrive at the University, gives you access to logging in to computers around campus, accessing the wireless network, academic websites and other online resources. This login should not be used in MyNEVADA. Please note: this may be different for Advisors/Instructors/Faculty. 

I received a "You are not authorized for this page" error message when attempting to log in or click on a tile in MyNEVADA - How can I fix this?

Clear your browsing history and cache - Clear the history and cache of the internet browser you are using - or you can use a different browser than you have used before. MyNEVADA is currently supported by the following browser versions: 

  • Apple Safari version 9.0 & 8
  • Google Chrome version 43
  • Microsoft Edge version 25.10586
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11
  • Mozilla Firefox version 42 & 38ESR 

Log in with your NSHE ID and password - Ensure that you are logging in with your NSHE ID and password. You cannot log in to MyNEVADA with your Application credentials after your application has been successfully submitted.

Do not store your username and password with your browser- Always elect not to have your browser store username credentials. Stored passwords can contribute to login issues; and if your computer or mobile device is lost or stolen, your account information could be compromised. 

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