Accepting Admissions

Undergraduate degree seeking applicants who have been evaluated for admission and are admissible, will receive an admit letter and packet informing them of their acceptance. Once this admit letter is received, the applicant will need to navigate to MyNEVADA. As long as they have activated their MyNEVADA account, they can accept/decline their admission. Accepting admission is a non-binding decision that allows the applicant to move forward in all new student processes, such as Advanced Registration.

You may Accept your Admission by navigating to MyNEVADA and using your NSHE ID and password to log in. From your Applicant Homepage, click on the Accept Admissions tile. 

Accept Admission

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Accepting admission is a non-binding decision which allows the applicant to move forward in new student processes such as Advanced Registration, signing up for Orientation, etc. Should a student's decision change at any time prior to the semester beginning, they may request to have their admission cancelled. The non-binding $125 Advanced Registration deposit will be fully refunded. 

If admission is declined, all applications will be canceled, such as a housing application. Students should be certain that they will not attend as this action may not be reversed. 

Applicants will now see the term and program for the admission application submitted. To continue, click 'Accept or Decline'. To return, click 'Cancel'.

Accept Admission screen in MyNEVADA

To accept, click [I Accept Admission] or to decline, click [I Decline Admission]. You will be prompted to confirm on the next page.

Accept Admission screen in MyNEVADA

Confirm your admission acceptance by clicking [Confirm Acceptance].

Accept Admission Screen in MyNEVADA

Congratulations! You have set forth on your academic journey of obtaining a degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Your account will update overnight, moving your status from Applicant to Student. Once you are an active Student, you will be able to begin accessing tasks using your Student Homepage. 

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