Using the Schedule Planner

The Schedule Planner can help you create a term schedule. To use this academic tool, navigate to MyNEVADA and from your Student Homepage select the Schedule Planner tile. 

Schedule Planner logo in MyNEVADA

Use the Add Course button to add your desired classes then use the Add Break button to set time ranges that you don't want to take classes for. When you are ready to view schedule options, click Generate Schedules to see a list of all available, conflict-free schedules.

Schedule Planner screen shot displaying add a course and other features

After finding the schedule you want, you must now send it to your MyNEVADA shopping cart.

MyNEVADA Schedule planner Send to Shopping cart

You will be directed to your Shopping Cart. Select the classes you would like to enroll in, and click the green Enroll button in the top right hand corner of the page. 

MyNEVADA Shopping Cart with a red arrow pointing to select column and a red X around the Enroll button

MyNEVADA green Enroll button

Review the enrollment messages to ensure there were no errors processing your enrollment request. 

MyNEVADA Enrollment messages for ECON 304 and PEX 169


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