Wait Lists

The wait list is an electronic process that auto-enrolls students into closed classes as seats become available. Seats become available as students from the enrolled class drop themselves. When a student places themselves on a wait list for a class, they are given a position number. Students on the wait list are enrolled into the class in numerical order as seats become available. 

Since this is an automated process, the wait list allows for the possibility of becoming enrolled without having to continuously check MyNEVADA for possible openings. Students can wait list up to 8 credits a semester. 

Keep in mind the course you are searching for is full. Be sure to uncheck the "Show Open Classes Only" box on the course search, in order to allow wait listed sections to appear.

Serch for Classes screen in MyNEVADA with Math 176 entered as the course and a red box around the Show Open Classes Only button

You will see a yellow triangle on the course description which indicates the course status is currently on a waitlist.

MyNEVADA Enrollment Search Page with Math 176 lecture discussion results and a red x around a yellow triangle indicating a waitlisted discussion

Once you have added your course to the 'Shopping Cart', click the 'Wait list if class is full' checkbox. Then continue the process as you would when normally enrolling for a course.

MyNEVADA Wait list if class is full enrollment screen

Once you have completed the steps, you will see a message confirming your placement on the wait list. This message will also report your position number on the wait list.

Wait list results with a green check mark and success message

Waitlisting A Class You Are Already Enrolled In 

Students can wait list for multiple sections of the same class. However, if you become enrolled from the wait list you will be removed from the wait lists for all other sections of that class.

If you are already enrolled in a course but would like to put your name on the wait list for a different or more desirable section of the course, you should always use the Swap function in MyNEVADA. 

**Note: If you do not use the Swap feature and instead simply 'add' yourself to the wait list of the other section, you will not be enrolled when space opens up because of your continued enrollment in the first section.**

Select the class you would like to replace should space in a better section become available.

Swap a course page in MyNEVADA with PSY 101 indicated

Search for the section of the class you would like to wait list.

Note: While searching, be sure to uncheck the 'Show Open Classes Only' checkbox. Swap a class page in MyNEVAD with PSY 101 indicated and a red box around wait list if class is full check mark

The next screen shows which class will be swapped if space becomes available.  Click 'Finish Swapping' to add your name to the wait list.

swap confirm your selection page in mynevada with PSY 101 as the course

Once you have completed the steps, you will see a message confirming your placement and position on the wait list.

Swap view results page with PSY 101 as the course and a green check mark in the status box

Common Reasons Students Are Not Enrolled from the Wait List

There are several reasons why a student may not be enrolled from the wait list. These reasons can include:

  • Time Conflict: MyNEVADA does not check if a time conflict exists until the wait list attempts to enroll. This means students need to be sure no time conflicts exists with the wait lists they are on and the classes they are fully enrolled in. 
  • Prerequisites: If a class has listed prerequisites (classes which must be completed before enrolling) students must be sure they meet the listed prerequisites before placing themselves onto a wait list. MyNEVADA does not check to see if a student has satisfied prerequisites until the wait list attempts to enroll.
  • Reserve Capacity: Certain sections of a class may be reserved for a cohort of students (i.e. Honors, LLC, Student Athletes). Students must be sure they meet the listed reserve capacity (if one is listed) before placing themselves on a wait list. If a student on the wait list does not meet the reserve capacity the wait list will not enroll them. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the wait list process, please contact us by sending an email to mynevada@unr.edu. 

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