Assigning Final Grades

The easiest way to access your grade roster is from the Grade Roster tile on your Instructor Homepage. 


Grade Roster Tile in MyNEVADA

You can also navigate to your roster from the My Schedule navigation.  Once grade rosters are available, you will see a new icon next to your class within My Teaching Schedule. If you do not see this icon, you have not been given grade access to that class; see your department scheduler.

My Schedule Page in MyNEVADA with grade roster icon in a red box

There are two types of grading access for classes:

Grade - This access allows a person to enter grades, but not post them.

Post - This access allows a person to enter and post the final grades.

All primary instructors should have Post access. If not, please see your department scheduler.

If you do not see the correct class list, check to see if you are viewing the correct term. If not, click on the button labeled [change term] and make the appropriate selection. To view the roster, click on the icon.  Do not click on the blue hyperlink with the class information.  This will cause the grade roster you view to default to the first choice in the list. The roster only displays a limited number of students on the first page. If there are more, you will see them listed at the bottom. To view all of them at once, click "View All". You can also use the arrows to tab over.

There are two ways to enter grades. The first is by using the drop-down menu and selecting a grade for each student. Only valid grades will appear in this list.

MyNEVADA grade roster with roster grade drop down menu populated and in a red box

The second grading method involves selecting a group of students who are all receiving the same grade. Next, use the "Add This Grade to Selected Students" feature. For S/U classes, there is a Select All link that checks all the students so you can mass assign a grade to all of them. This works if there are only a couple of students who have a different grade as you can just go back and change those individually. After you are done with the Add This Grade function, remember to select "Clear All," otherwise the students you selected will stay checked and the grades will be reassigned with the next batch. Please note that students with an EQV grading basis don't get included in the mass assignment, so you will have to go back and manually enter those grades.

MyNEVADA grade roster with 4 students selected and an A in the grade roster box

If you have a large class, you can hide the students whom you've already graded by clicking on "Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only." This will hide all students with grades assigned.

MyNEVADA grade roster display options, Display Unassigned Roster Grade Only box checked with a red box around it

For those with Grade access, they will only see Not Reviewed and Ready for Review. Once Ready for Review is selected and you hit [Save], they will no longer be able to edit the grade roster. If you selected it by mistake and do not click [Save], you can navigate back to the My Schedule page and click [Cancel] when it asks you to save. Otherwise the instructor with post permission must go in and switch the status back to Not Reviewed for it to be further edited.

grading access

When you are ready to post grades, set the Grade Roster to Approved and click [Save]. The [Post] button will appear at the very bottom of the roster. Click this button to post the grades. They will post immediately to the student's record. Any changes will have to be done by Change of Grade forms.

MyNEVADA grade roster action with Approved in drop down menu


MyNEVADA grade roster post button



Students who have changed their grading basis to Audit will have an AD grade already entered in the grade roster. You will not enter a grade for this student. 

MyNEVADA grade roster with red box around AD grade

If any of the students on the grade roster have changed their grading basis from Letter Grades to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory,you will need to enter an S or U grade. 

MyNEVADA grade roster with roster grade drop down showing I, S, U




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