Request Grade Change

MyNEVADA now offers instructors the ability to electronically submit a Change of Grade for a student once grades have been posted!

This new Request Grade Change feature is only available for instructors with "post" grade roster access in MyNEVADA. As a reminder this Request Grade Change should only be used to correct a clerical, data entry or informal resolution to student inquiry after a grade roster has been posted. This feature is only available for two weeks after the final grade submission deadline. 

To change a student's grade once the roster has been posted, navigate to your Instructor homepage in MyNEVADA and click on the Grade Roster tile. 

Grade Roster tile in MyNEVADA

If you have more than one section or course you post grades for, and need to change the course you can use the Change Class button at the top of the page. 

MyNEVADA grade roster Change Class button in red box

Once you have ensured you are on the correct course, to begin the change of grade process click the Request Change Grade button in the Grade Roster Action section. 

MyNEVADA Grade Roster with Request Change Grade in red box

You will now be able to select the student (s) and grade that needs to be changed. 

MyNEVADA Grade Roster Grade Change page

Once all changes have been selected click the green "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of your roster. 

MyNEVADA Grade Roster submit button in red gox

Once your change of grades have been submitted you will receive a Success message for each grade that was changed.

MyNEVADA change of grade Success in red box

If you have questions about the electronic change of grade process, or need assistance please contact Admissions and Records at 775-784-4700 opt 2. 


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