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SharePoint is a huge tool with many functions that would take a vast amount of time (and webpages) to explain. Thankfully, resources have already been created to assist in the usage of SharePoint. Links to these resources are available at the bottom of this page.

This page provides an overview of how to access SharePoint, and utilize some of the most common features.

How Do I Access SharePoint?

As long as you have permissions, you should be able to enter the full website address (in the form of and log in with your employee email address ( 

It is important to know the full website address of your SharePoint site. You will not be able to go to and navigate to a specific site. For security reasons, it is not possible to search for, or view a directory listing of the many SharePoint sites at the University. Your department administrator should be able to direct you to the proper location. If they are unable to, please contact the OIT Support Center. 

What if I am Unable to Log In with My NetID?

If you have verified that your are able to login to other system with your NetID and password, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Permissions: Do you have permission to access the site? If you are unsure, please contact your department administrator or the personnel that owns the site. They will be able to check your permissions. If you are unable to find the department owner of the site, please contact the OIT Support Center. 
  • Fully Qualify your NetID: Always make sure that the username you are entering is the in the form of

Further Training

In-depth video tutorials for SharePoint can be found here:


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