Adding an Email Alias to Your NevadaBox Account


When you log into NevadaBox, the primary email address is automatically set based on your primary affiliation with the University:

  • Students: your email address except newly enrolled Fall 2024 students who should use
  • Employees: your employee email address ( 

Students who work for the University will have an account created via their employee email address. 

Can I Change My Primary Email Address?

For employees, your NevadaBox primary email address will always be If you don't have access to that email, please refer to the email activation instructions.

For students, it will be your email address except except newly enrolled Fall 2024 students who should use 

Adding Email Aliases

We understand that not every employee at the University uses their email address. People wishing to collaborate with you may know you at a different email account (i.e. or When you first log into NevadaBox, our system will automatically add some email aliases to your account. However, email addresses that don't use our central email servers (such as or will not be automatically added. Therefore, Nevadabox allows you to add "Email Aliases" that allow others to collaborate with you by entering in a different email address, but still reaching your one NevadaBox account.

Picture of the Flow Chart showing the proper way to use email aliases.

We highly recommend that all employees check their listed email aliases in NevadaBox for anything that might be missing. 

How Do I Add an Email Address Alias?

  1. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner.

    Screenshot of NevadaBox landing page with a red box around initials button and a red arrow pointing towards the initials button.
  2. From the drop down menu click on Account Settings

    Screenshot of the NevadaBox drop down menu with a red box around the Account Settings button and the red arrow pointing towards the Account Settings.
  3. Under Login and Email Addresses you will see your email address and an option to Add Email. 

    Screenshot of the NevadaBox Account Settings window with a red box around the Add Email button and a red arrow pointing towards the Add Email button.
  4. Click on Add Email and enter in the email address you want as your primary account into the text field and click Save

    Screenshot of the Add New Email Address window with a red box around the Save button and a red arrow pointing towards the Save button.
  5. Go to your email account and confirm that you want to add the email to your Box account. 
Only the primary email address in NevadaBox will receive email notifications. Email aliases do not receive NevadaBox email notifications. 


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