Creating a Folder

To keep files organized inside of NevadaBox, you can create folders using the following steps.

How to Create Folders in NevadaBox

  1. From the main screen (or within any previously created folder), click on the New button and select New Folder

    Screenshot of NevadaBox with a red box around the New button, a red box around the Folder button, and a red arrow pointing towards the Folder button.
  2. A window titled Create a New Folder will appear. Fill out the following information: 

    Folder Name: Whatever you would like the folder to be named. 
    Invite People: Enter the email address(es) of anyone you would like to have access to the folder.  
    Permission: Select the permissions you would like your collaborators to have. Click on the Learn More button to see what the rights are for each Permission level. 

    Screenshot of the Create a New Folder window with a red box around the Create button and a red arrow pointing towards the Create button.
  3. When you have filled out all the information, click on Create. Your folder will now be created. 


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