Schedule a Meeting from Teams

Microsoft Teams

To schedule a meeting, click Schedule a meeting in a chat or in Calendar on the left side of the app. In the upper right corner of the interface, you will see the option to add a New Meeting.

Team App with the Calendar tab on the left hand side highlighted by a red box and the +New Meeting Button on the upper right hand side also highlighted by a red box.

Go to the Select a channel to meet in section:

  • If you want have your meeting in a channel, select the appropriate channel.
  • If you’d rather not, select None.

Note: When you have a meeting in a channel, people will be able to see and join it in that channel.

Then, select the people you'd like to invite. Click the Scheduling assistant to find a time that works for everyone.

If the meeting is a recurring one, click the Repeat box. Once you do that, you'll be able to choose how often you want it to occur.

This Scheduled meetings video shows you how to schedule a meeting and add people to it.

By default, any dial-in or external participant (non-UNR) will be placed into a lobby until a meeting organizer admits them to the meeting. If you would like to have this setting changed, or would like any additional information, please contact the OIT Support Center.
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