Student Computer Labs

There are numerous computer labs set up throughout the University that students can go to in order to access digital resources. Below is a list of these labs with the following information: name (includes a link to the respective lab with its hours, rules, and reservation information if applicable), location, number of workstations, availability, and whether it is supported by the Office of Information Technology. General access labs are open to all students with an active NetID during available hours. Students can access most general access lab software from on or off campus via remote services.

Please Note: The number of workstations in a lab may be subject to change due to social distancing policies enacted throughout campus. Please contact the individual labs listed for current workstation capacity.

Computer Lab List 

Computer Lab Name Location No. of Workstations Availability OIT-Supported?
@one Knowledge Center 1st Floor 88 General Access Yes
@reality Knowledge Center 1st Floor N/A Temporarily Unavailable No
Arentz Student Center LME 313 4 Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering Students Yes
Athletics Lab Pearson Athletics Academic Center 40 Student Athletes Only Yes
CABNR Student Center  FA 237 N/A General Access No
Career Studio PSAC 208 8 General Access Yes
CASAT/NRAP Lab WRB 1001 4   Yes
The Center JCSU 311 21 General Access Yes
COE Computer Lab WRB 1006 88 General Access Yes
COE Learning Resource Center  WRB 1021 37 General Access Yes
College of Business Computer Lab
AB 308 66 Students enrolled in any class in the College of Business No
College of Science Advising Lab Orvis 224 13 Students signing up for classes Yes
College of Science Computer Lab LMR 351 25 Mining / Metallurgy students Yes
DataWorks North Knowledge Center 1st Floor 19 General Access Yes
DataWorks South DeLaMare Library Basement 18 General Access Yes
DeLaMare Library General Access Computers DeLaMare Library Floors 2 & 3 76 General Access Yes
DHS Advising Lab Orvis Building 16 General Access Yes
Digital Composition Studio FH 37 3   Yes
Digital Media Lab CFA 207 20   Yes
Disability Resource Center PSAC 230 15   Yes
DMS Lab DMS 106 49 General Access* Yes
Dynamic Media Lab Knowledge Center 1st Floor 22 General Access Yes
Engineering Computing Center SEM 231A-231D and 231-F N/A Students enrolled in any Engineering or Computer Science classes No
Fabrication Lab CFA 209 3   Yes
Geography Cartography Lab MS 221 9 General Access* Yes
Geography Lab MS 222 17 General Access* Yes
GIS Depot Lab DeLaMare Library, Basement level, inside the Mary B. Ansari Map Library 10 General Access Yes
Graphic Design Lab CFA 206 19   Yes
GSA Lounge JCSU 301 8   Yes
Honors Program Lab Jot Travis Lake Level 3   Yes
Innevation Center Makerspace Lab Innevation Center 4   No
JCSU Lounge JCSU 3rd Floor 14 General Access Yes
Math Center PSAC 300 41   Yes
Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center General Access Computers Knowledge Center Floors 1-5 286 General Access Yes
MMV Lab LMR 275 23   Yes
Pennington Student Achievement Center General Access Computers PSAC Floors 1 & 4 76 General Access Yes
Photography Lab CFA 213 13   Yes
Redfield General Access Computer Lab  Redfield Campus Room 109 23 General Access No
Reynolds School of Journalism Computer Labs RSJ N/A Reynolds School Students and Faculty Except with Special Permission from the Dean's Office No
Savitt Library Computer Lab PMB-104D&E 23 Classes and Tests Only No
Savitt Library General Access Computers PMB-104, Open Area N/A General Access No
Social Psychology & Sociology Computer Lab MSS 340 6 Social Psychology and Sociology Students No
Tech Talk Stations JCSU 1st Floor 7 General Access Yes
Testing Center WRB 1003 34   Yes
Trio McNair PSAC 450 20   Yes
Upward Bound EJCH 203 98   Yes
Veteran Services General Access Computers PSAC 310 2   Yes
World Languages Lab EJCH 275 29   Yes
Writing Center  PSAC 350 26   Yes

 * When no classes are in session

To make a request or report an issue regarding an OIT-supported computer lab, please submit the Computer Lab Support request.


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