NevadaBox Overview and Login Steps

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Why Use NevadaBox?

 NevadaBox comes with the following benefits:

  • Secure sign-in with your NetID
  • Free apps that sync files between mobile devices, computers, and Box
  • Ability to share and collaborate with others within and outside the University
  • Ability to store sensitive data

Access Requirements

If you are a current employee or student and have an active NetID you are automatically granted a NevadaBox account. Upon logging into Nevadabox for the first time, your account will be automatically created.

Logging In

  1. Open up a web browser and go to
  2. When the website loads, click on Continue.

    Screenshot of the login page with a red box around the Continue button and a red arrow pointing towards the Continue button.
  3. Enter in your NetID and password, and click on Sign In

    Screenshot of the NetID login page with a red box around the Sign In button and a red arrow pointing towards the Sign In button.
  4. You now have access to your files. 

If you are unable to log in, or for technical assistance, please submit a NevadaBox Support request.

Access and Affiliation

Your files and folders on NevadaBox will be available for the length of your affiliation. When you are no longer a member of the University, your account will no longer be accessible.


NevadaBox is provided to faculty, staff and students, at no charge.


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