Web Domain Name Policy


Web site domain names at the University of Nevada, Reno must follow these OIT rules:


Websites hosted on the university's primary web server are granted a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the form: http://www.unr.edu/area/department/.

Qualifying Site Criteria

Campus entities are granted a virtual domain name of the form http://name.unr.edu/ when one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • The site represents an organization affiliated with the University, but that does not fall into the regular department or division categorical system
  • The site is a college-level web server
  • The site is a collaboration among the University of Nevada, Reno and other universities that represents a major funded project


Existing websites that meet any of the following guidelines may be granted an exemption:

  • A valid historical tie to their current domain name
  • Existing documentation or correspondence that depends on the existing name

 Top-Level Domain Names

The following rules apply to the creation of top-level domain names:

  • No ".com" addresses are hosted on the University network
  • Address requests for names ending in ".edu" and ".org" are addressed on a case-by-case basis where the requesting party can show overwhelming need for their creation

Further Criteria

Further, the following conditions must be met for a domain name to be registered with a web server on the University network:

  • Requests for the domain are approved by the Vice Provost for Information Technology
  • The domain is under the management of a department or program. The department or program provides the administrative and billing contact, makes the application, pays the annual fee for the domain and lists the University Network Services Manager as the technical contact for the domain
  • The University Network Services Manager supports the name server and creates the zone files needed for the domain
  • The domain, and the templates, web pages, components, and content (images, documents, multimedia, etc.) hosted within it, must be accessible or made accessible before going live on the web, in accordance with the University's Accessibility Policy & Procedures.


Recognizing the resources required to manage server domain names and maintain computing network integrity, this domain name policy applies to all servers residing on the university's network.


Please see our Domain Name Request Service for additional questions or to request a new domain name.

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