Data Center Operations Policy and Procedures

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Data Centers are essential to the day-to-day functions of the University. The following Data Center Operations Policies and Procedures are necessary to ensure the physical security and reliability of the equipment, data, and services housed in our Data Centers.

Data Center Operations Forms


All individuals including OIT personnel must adhere to these policies and procedures.

Role definitions

  1. Authorized OIT Personnel- OIT personnel with approved access to a specific Data Center.
  2. Authorized University Employee- Personnel employed or officially affiliated with the University of Nevada, Reno. University employees who are authorized to gain access to the Data Center but are not OIT personnel.
  3. Authorized Vendor- All non-University employees who, through contractual arrangement and appropriate approvals, have access to the Data Center. All authorized vendors must have an authorized escort at all times while in the Data Center.
  4. Authorized Visitor– Any person including contractors, OIT, and other University affiliates who do not have approved access to the Data Centers. All authorized visitors must have an authorized escort at all times while in the Data Center.


OIT Data Center access

  • Only authorized individuals are allowed access to OIT Data Centers.
  • Proxcards and keys belonging to authorized individuals may not be loaned to unauthorized individuals; such action is grounds for immediate loss of Data Center access privileges.
  • All individuals must be prepared to present an identification badge upon request.
  • Only authorized OIT personnel are allowed to escort authorized vendors and visitors with business needs into a Data Center.
  • In the event of an emergency when no authorized OIT personnel is immediately available, an authorized University Facilities (784-8020) employee or University Police Services (334-2677) may escort authorized vendors and visitors to address the emergency.
  • Doors and security gates in OIT Data Centers must remain locked at all times. All doors are alarmed and may only be held open in a Data Center by authorized personnel to increase airflow in the event of HVAC failure.
  • Tour groups must be approved by the OIT Operations Infrastructure Manager or above. A list of all tour members must be provided prior to the tour.
  • Failure to adhere to the OIT Policies and Procedures specified in this document may result in the revocation of access privileges.

Equipment in the OIT Data Centers

  • OIT Operations must be consulted prior to purchasing any new equipment to be installed in the Data Centers. It is necessary to confirm that any equipment  hosted in an OIT Data Center is reviewed prior to purchase to ensure power and HVAC requirements can be met
  • An Equipment Form must be completed for all equipment installation, changes (including internal location changes), and removal. In case of an emergency (failed HW, etc…), OIT Operations must be notified before or immediately after access and the Equipment form can be filled out shortly thereafter.
  • Equipment housed in OIT Data Centers must be covered under a manufacturer’s or 3rd party warranty. Hand-built boxes do not require a warranty however, service life for hand-built boxes in an OIT Data Center is limited to 7 years from the date of CPU/motherboard purchase.
  • Out of warranty equipment and hand-built boxes older than 7 years, must be removed from the OIT Data Centers within 30 days.
  • All equipment must be rack mountable. If rack mounting is not possible, approval can be requested by the OIT Operations Infrastructure Manager for the equipment to use a rack mounted shelf.

Rack management

  • All equipment must be identified with a label indicating its hostname (if applicable) and/or its function.
  • All cables must be labeled with near and far end equipment/port identification on both ends.
  • Isolate and organize data and power on opposite sides of racks when possible.
  • Use the proper length of patch cables and power cords. Cables should be secured with hook and loop and/or zip tie wraps.

Activities and work in OIT Data Centers

  • IT Operations must be notified of all scheduled facilities maintenance activities and work performed in the Data Centers by anyone other than authorized OIT personnel. The only exception that applies to this policy is for work that falls under an approved TAMe (change control approval process).

Safety and cleanliness in the OIT Data Centers

  • No cardboard boxes or highly flammable materials are allowed in the Data Centers. Cardboard boxes, however, can be secured inside the storage cabinets.
  • No custodial services are provided in the OIT Data Centers. Take all refuse, boxes, packing materials, etc. with you when you leave.

Food and drink policy

  • No food or drink is allowed in the OIT Data Centers at any time.


Accessing the OIT Data Centers

  • Each OIT Data Center requires a separate approval. The OIT Data Center Access Approval Form must be completed by the requesting individual and approved by the OIT Operations Director.
  • All individuals must sign-in and out on the Data Center Access Log found next to each entrance. (Name, Dept., time in & out, the purpose of visit, Rack ID and RU accessed, or equipment worked on if applicable.)

Data Center video monitoring

  • The OIT KC, CS, and RC Data Centers are subject to video monitoring.
  • In the event a video needs to be reviewed, requests can be sent to Please include purpose, date, and time for each occurrence so we can coordinate your request with Police Services

Emergencies and Data Center outage notifications

For emergency Data Center issues, please contact:

  • Raymond Arvisu (775) 691-6626
  • Tony Nannini (775) 848-8146
  • University Police Services:
    • Business Hours: (775) 334-2677
    • After Hours: (775) 784-4013

For HVAC or power issues, please contact:

  • (775) 784-8020 for FMS. This number is valid 24x7.

OIT will send out notifications for all Data Center and service outages. All inquiries can be sent to


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