Box Relay

What is Box Relay?

Box Relay is a workflow automation application that enables Box power users easily to automate and accelerate business processes centered around content.

What Relay Features does the NevadaBox Provide?

The NevadaBox service is provided at the Enterprise tier, which provides these Relay features:

  • Manage file/folder/task events and actions as triggers and outcomes
  • Schedule Workflows
  • Start Manual Workflows
  • Configure multi-step outcomes
  • Integrate File Requests
  • Select from Box-published workflow templates
  • Manage metadata events and actions as triggers and outcomes
  • Build custom workflows templates
  • Transfer Workflow Ownership

Additional Relay features can also be found on the Box Support site.

Where are the Box Relay F.A.Q.s?

You can find FAQ questions published at Box Relay FAQ – Box Support.


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