Accessing Public Folders in a Web Browser (Office 365 Online Portal)


How to access and add public folders as Favorites in the Office 365 online portal.


The following instructions will assist you in adding a public folder to your Favorites folder in

Accessing Public Folders in the Office 365 Online Portal

  1. Login to and select Outlook from the list of applications.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Online Portal with a red box around the Outlook option and a red arrow pointing towards the Outlook option.
  2. Right click on Folders and select Add public folder to Favorites.

    Screenshot of showing the menu that appears when a user right clicks on "Folders." The option "Add public folder to Favorites" is highlighted and has a red arrow pointing at it.
  3. Click All Public Folders to expand the list. Select your public folder and then click Add Public Folder at the top of the screen.

    Screenshot of Microsoft's online Office 365 portal showing the location of the "All Public Folders" and "Add Public Folders" buttons.  There is a red arrow pointing to the buttons.  "Add Public Folder" is at the top of the window and "All Public Folders" is at the bottom until it is clicked.
  4. The public folder is now available under the Favorites folder.

    Screenshot of the main Outlook window on Microsoft's online Office 365 portal.  The publif folder that was added during this article is highlighted under the "Favorites" folder.


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