Residence Hall Network Use Policy



Students who live in the Residence Halls at the University of Nevada, Reno must abide by the University's computer guidelines as outlined in the Computing & Network Use Agreement.

In addition, they must limit their use of network bandwidth and are prohibited from using their computer as a server or for file-sharing purposes. Students are strongly encouraged to activate firewalls and  install anti-virus software  prior to connecting to the UNR Network.

Computer users in the Residence Halls must follow these rules of use:

Do not use excessive network bandwidth

Any use of a network connection that can potentially disrupt or impede another's ability to use their normal network communication is prohibited. When confronted with excessive network demands, network administrators may need to limit available bandwidth to a more appropriate level or to interrupt service completely to correct excessive demand. Generally, a user should refrain from long-term continuous downloading of media files, applications, or other large files.

Do not run a server on the Residence Hall network

Servers are defined as a computer that runs an application offering services or allowing incoming network connections. Common server applications include ftp, web, and mail.

Do not run P2P (peer-to-peer) file services

These services, also called "torrenting," include, but are not limited to, Utorrent, Pirate Bay, BitTorrent, Frostwire. For more information, read the University's P2P File Sharing Policy. Disable any file-sharing services on your computer.

Do run anti-virus software

All users connected to the Residence Hall network should take measures to protect their computers from other users on the network and from malicious programs such as viruses. To guard your computer's security, OIT strongly encourages installation and frequent updating of antivirus software.


The Residence Hall Network is a shared resource that must be used responsibly.


To resolve violations of the University's Residence Hall Network Use policy, various measures may be taken by the Network and Security Department within OIT, including blocking a computer from the Campus Network until the problem has been resolved.



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