Firewall Policy Request

For security reasons, the firewall at UNR is locked down to prevent rogues access to our network. However, an exception may be placed in our firewall to allow communication between systems located on and off campus.

If you have a legitimate business need for such an exception, please click Request Exception to complete a ticket. Wired, Wireless, and Residence Hall networks are all treated independently. Please ensure that you specify which one you require.


New firewall exceptions require a static IP. To get a static IP address assigned, submit a DHCP Reservation request. 


All firewall policy requests will be reviewed by Information Security for approval. Exceptions are provided at the discretion of the Information Security and Network Operations departments. Submitting a request does not mean that the exception will be granted.


Provided at no cost.

Request Exception


Service ID: 46273
Tue 10/6/20 11:10 PM
Fri 11/5/21 2:48 PM