Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

Adobe Creative Cloud Named User License

A Named User License ties the usage of Adobe apps and services to an individual. A Named User license may be installed on an unlimited amount of computers including personal machines however you may only be logged into two machines at one time. If logged onto more than 2 computers you will be asked to log out of one of their other machines.

Named User licenses require periodic Internet connectivity. Computers must connect to Adobe servers for initial activation, and then at least once every 99 days. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Device License

A Shared Device License is a licensing method where the software is assigned to a device instead of an individual. Anyone who logs onto the device will have access to Adobe's products and services.

Employees who are not eligible for a Named User License may be eligible to use a Shared Device License on a University owned desktop device. No personally owned devices are allowed to have a Shared Device License installed.  Shared Device Licenses require an Adobe ID to utilize.  You can use any existing Adobe ID (company, enterprise, Spark, student, personal) or you can create a free Adobe ID when you launch the program.

Note: If a user with a Named User License needs to use the software on a computer with a Shared Device License they can login with their Named User License login.

Adobe Value Incentive Program

If an employee is not eligible via either of the methods listed above their department can purchase individual Adobe Products or a Creative Cloud license for them via the VIP (Value Incentive Plan). To purchase an Adobe Products via the VIP Program please fill out a Software Quote Request.

University Faculty/Staff Eligibility for License Types

Named User License

Shared Device License

Academic Faculty Student employees
Administrative Faculty Graduate Assistants
Classified Contingent - Clinical Adjunct
Letter of Appointment Contingent - Volunteer Adjunct
Postdoctoral Scholar Volunteer  A, B, and C
Medical Resident Emeritus
Hourly – Temporary  


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