NVivo is intended to help users organize and analyze non-numerical or unstructured data. The software allows users to classify, sort and arrange information; examine relationships in the data; and combine analysis with linking, shaping, searching and modeling.

Access and Support

Get NVivo

NVivo software access through the Virtual Desktops will expire on May 6, 2024; university-provided service will end at that time. NVivo offers academic pricing for individuals who wish to install the program on their computer. The university is unable to purchase individual software licenses for student use.

Migration Support

Nvivo account holders who do not wish to acquire their own access immediately may locally save, export, print, or migrate their data to another program. NVivo project data is saved to your computer and isn't stored by Lumivero so please ensure you have backed up any data you need to keep. 

If you have used one of the cloud-based NVivo add-ons (NVivo Transcription and Collaboration Cloud), please ensure you have downloaded everything you need from these services. Cloud data is deleted 90-days after the cloud subscription has expired. 

Users who do not obtain an individual license for continued NVivo access or migrate their data to another system will lose access to their data on May 6, 2024.

Local Save for Future NVivo Use

If you are planning on using NVivo in the future, you can keep your original NVivo project files and will be able to open them in your own licensed copy of NVivo. NVivo projects have the file extension .nvp (Windows) or .nvpx (Mac) and are usually saved to your Documents folder. Search your computer for files with these file extensions and copy them somewhere you will be able to access such as a USB drive. 

Other QDA Software Applications

If you won't be continuing with NVivo but will be using other QDA software applications, you can export your project to a project exchange format that can be opened by a variety of QDA software applications. NOTE: there are limitations with this format and all project items may not be in the exported project. Instructions on exporting and details of the limitations of this format can be found here:

Export or Print Project Items

If you won't be continuing with any QDA software but want to keep some important items from your project, you can export or print most project items. You can find the available export options and instructions via the following links:

Instructions on how to print project items can be found below. If you prefer a digital copy you can also print to a PDF. 

Community Support

The NVIVO Community is a recommended as a resource for asking questions and finding guidance.

Request Support

Use the Software and Online Apps forms for NVivo support and questions.


Price varies for license.



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