Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product developed by Microsoft with a primary focus on business intelligence.

Below are descriptions of the license types available for Power BI:

  • Power BI Fabric/Free users can create content in their personal workspace to interact with and can view reports and dashboards made available through Power BI. Examples of available reports are listed on the Office of Decision Support’s website. ***As an employee and a student you are already licensed for Power BI Fabric and do not need to submit a request***
  • Power BI Pro is intended for users who have been designated as Power BI content developers to create and share official reports and dashboards with department, unit, or campus constituents. Content developers will work in compliance with the Data Governance standards and policies set forth. ***Students and student employees are not eligible for this license***


FERPA training must be completed before access can be granted. 

Access and Support

Get Microsoft Power BI

Use the Security Application to request Power BI access.

Request Support

  • If you are having difficulties opening a Power BI report, please sign in to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal with your email address and NetID credentials and try to access the report again. 
  • Use the Software and Online Apps forms for all other Microsoft Power BI support and questions.


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