New Mailman Mailing List Request

Click Request Service to request the creation of a new Mailman mailing list.


  • Anyone who owns Mailman mailing list must have an employee email address ( No other email addresses will be accepted. 
  • Mailing lists must be associated with University educational or business goals. 
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students interested in a mailing list, please visit the ASUN Student Activities Office on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union. They offer a variety of services to University sanctioned clubs.
  • Please review the Policies and Guidelines for University Mailing Lists prior to requesting a mailing list.
Lists created on the Mailman mailing list server are not, and should not be, associated with class rosters or with WebCampus classes. Methods for e-mailing a class roster are provided by MyNEVADA and WebCampus.

New Mailing List Details

Please have the following information available prior to submitting your request:

  • List Name: Select a short, concise name. Long and/or complicated names are prone to misspelling and other errors. List names may contain any combination of letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. No spaces or special characters (i.e: $,%,*,~) are allowed.
  • Owner: This will be the e-mail address of the user creating the list. The owner’s e-mail address must be an official university e-mail address
  • Description: A description of the purpose of the mailing list.
  • Configuration: The message acceptance settings are set for members (subscribers) and non-members (senders that are not subscribed to the list): 
    • Hold for moderation: The message will be held and an owner or moderator will need to accept or reject it. 
    • Reject (with notification): The message will not be sent to the list and the sender will be notified that it was rejected.
    • Discard (no notification): The message will not be sent to the list and the sender will not be notified.
    • Accept immediately (bypass other rules): The message will immediately be sent to the list.
      • Use this option for list members if you have a list that subscribers should be able to send to without moderation.
      • For non-members this option should only be used for a public list that anyone should be able to send to without moderation.


Once your request is submitted the University Listmaster (a member of OIT) will review the application. You will receive an e-mail notification of the decision. If approved, the list owner may then return to the Mailman Server to manage the new list.

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