NAS Restore Assistance

In most cases, a NAS folder or file that has been deleted, moved, or altered can be successfully restored using the instructions provided in the How to Restore a File on the NAS article.

However, if you are unable to restore the data and would like assistance with the recovery, click Request Service for assistance restoring that data to a previous location and/or version.

IMPORTANT: Restoration "snapshots" of NAS shares are taken multiple times per day and are retained for a maximum of 28 days. If the data did not exist across at least one of the snapshots, it is not recoverable. Additionally, if the desired recovery point is a date and time that occurred more than 28 days ago, it cannot be restored. Learn more about NAS versioning and retention.


  • This request must be submitted by the affected individual who needs the data restored. 
  • Please stay out of the restore area until the restore is complete. Once the restoration is underway, open files will be closed once restore authorization is given.

Note: Files may not be restored instantly - it can take a full business day for the restoration process to complete. Additionally, the restored file may have "_old" appended to its name so as not to overwrite any file already present in the NAS. You may rename the file once the restoration has been completed. 

Request Service

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