Math/English Enrollment Assistance Request

Students wishing to make changes to their Math/English course enrollment must fill out this request. 

Completing Math/English Gateway classes quickly is critical to success in University academic programs. To ensure students start off their academic career on the right foot, the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents created a policy that all degree-seeking students must be continuously enrolled in Math/English until this requirement is met.

If a student has not satisfied the Math/English Gateway requirements Admissions and Records will be unable to drop those classes for students.

Swaps of sections within the same course for schedule changes or level changes may be processed.

Please fill out the request with complete detail so that your request can be evaluated quickly. In order to swap classes, you must: Be within the time frame to make enrollment changes, select an open section or have closed class permission from the department; and, meet all requirements for enrollment such as test scores, transfer work, or appropriate department permissions.

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