TeamDynamix Technician Update

Add a Technician

Click Add a Technician to add a new technician to the TeamDynamix system.


  • FERPA Training: Due to the visibility of protected data in TeamDynamix, FERPA training is required before access can be granted. To complete the training, please submit a FERPA Training Request. The FERPA training course will be added to the user's WebCampus dashboard. An 80% or higher is required and you may attempt the quiz up to three times. FERPA is recorded in MyNEVADA 48 hours upon completion in Webcampus.
  • If the purchase of a license is required for your area, the TeamDynamix admin team will work with you on the next steps. 

Add or Remove a Technician from a Group

Click Make Group Change to change a licensed technician's membership to a TeamDynamix ticketing group.

This service should be requested only for technicians who are already licensed in TeamDynamix. Do not use this service to add or remove a technician from TeamDynamix.

Remove a Technician

Click Remove a Technician to add a remove a technician from the TeamDynamix system.