Affiliate does not have NetID, and was never added to Workday


User is a University Affiliate, but does not have a NetID.


This article applies to NetIDs.


  • In order to get a NetID, all users need to have an active affiliation with the University first. There are two ways for an Affilate to get a NetID, depending on whether or not they have a social security number.
  • If the user has a social security number, they will need to be entered into Workday with the correct corresponding contract in order to receive a NetID by the department they're affilated with. Questions about the different contracts available to Affilates, or how to put these contracts into Workday, should be forwarded to Human Resources. 
  • If the user does not have a social security number, they will need to fill out an AACR via TDX. This form is exclusive to TDX, and can be filled out in TeamDynamix.
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